Pasadena 2000
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First let me say that, as much as I love my family, I NEVER want to go to another one of these things with them again. LOL I was SOOO tired and my back was killing me from carrying the baby all weekend and Emily complained about every d@$# thing. *AHEM* Okay, venting over. On to the JOY!
We arrived at the Hilton Thursday evening and standing outside are some ladies. They look at me and notice the baby. I say "AmAzOn has arrived!" and am greeted with smiles and hugs. While hubby checks in, I go to the doorway of the bar and see that even MORE amazons are gathered there. I get my name badge from Andi and, while hubby and Emily go upstairs and get ready for sleep, I stay in the bar with Noah (who was a BIG hit, BTW). At one point I tell them that Michael will be signing--they'd not been on the forum when that was announced. Someone said "who's bringing the smelling salts." Me, mind in the gutter, start laughing. I thought she'd said "chocolate sauce." *blush*

Friday we met up with Lady of Shallot, Princess Tramp and Genesis at a eatery near the con center for lunch. Afterwards, Iap and Emily went on to the con while I took Noah back to the hotel for his lunch. I got to the con in time to see Timothy Omundson (Eli) bound onto the stage. (For the record, he's a HOOT!) I sat way back in the last row with Iap for a bit, and I said "I sure wish I had something to ask him." Iap said, "Ask him to bless the baby." I grinned and said "Okay!" He was mortified and said "NO! I was teasing." Too late. Zoni's got this in her head now. So, I went up to get in the question line. I'm wearing Noah in a Snugli and when it's my turn I say, very seriously, "Eli, would you bless my baby?" He sticks his finger into his water bottle and flicks Noah with it. LMAO!!!! For the rest of the convention I was stopped by tons of people asking to see the "blessed baby."
After Tim's session, we were shown the premiere ep of "Jack of All Trades," which looks like it has potential. I won't spoil it here, but it wasn't too bad.
After this, Iap and Emily went back to the hotel and I got into the picture line. I waited in line for over an HOUR just to buy pics. UN-BE-FRICKIN-LIVABLE! Lordy, I was tired!
I got out of line in time to see the video salute to Ephiny. After that, Danielle Cormack came onstage. The accents always throw me. LOL You know, you get used to hearing someone speak a certain way. When she opened her mouth and that accent came out, I was just amazed! Let me tell you, she was TOOO funny. And a bit on the risque side, too. *snicker* She kept joking about Ephiny's mating with a centaur.....I know someone will describe it better than I can. She was thoroughly enjoyable.
It was time for autographs and so I waited. And waited. And waited. I went to the bathroom. I changed the baby. I got a snack. I walked around. And I waited..... FINALLY, I got my autographs. YIPPEE!!!! Tim asked if Noah's nickname would be Eli now. LOL Danielle commented on what a cutie Noah is. (Okay, so I used my baby to get attention. SUE ME! LMAO)
Poor Iap and Emily waited on me for dinner. As a result, it was 10pm when we ate. I told them that for the rest of the con, do NOT wait on me to eat. I'm in row K, and the gods only know how long it'll take to get autographs!

On Saturday, I didn't go to the con until later in the day, so I missed Joel, Meighan, Jeremy and the premiere of Cleopatra 2525. I timed it so that I got there in time to see the video tribute to Ares and KEVIN SMITH onstage. Again with the accent! Very strange, somehow, when you aren't used to it. I'm not a die-hard Smithsonian, but MAN!!! He is veeeeeery good looking. I might have to consider adding him to my hottie list. *g* He was very friendly, funny, personable. I was just sooo glad to be a part of it all.
While we were waiting for autographs, we were shown the new Xena ep, "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire." Again, no spoilers, but I will say that this is my new all-time favorite ep of that show!
Autograph time. Wait. Wait. Okay, get in line. Wait. Wait. Wait. Oh, look, there's Discord being escorted to the bathroom. Darnit! My camera's not ready. AHHH, missed her! Okay, I can see them. Oohh, I'm excited. Wait! Where's Gina? Where's Kevin? What?!?! They left the autograph table to rehearse for the cabaret? Darn, darn, double darn!
Joel is first at the line of autographs. He's not even making eye contact, just head down, signing. Soooo, Zoni wants attention. What does Zoni do?
"Hey, aren't you even going to say hello to your son?" LMAOPIMP!!! He looks up, completely stricken, and says emphatically with a grin, "Don't DO that!" But hey, I got eye contact. *snicker*
Meighan was next. She is so CUTE. With all that hair and makeup it's kinda hard to know that, but she IS. Just a living doll! I also got autographs from Victoria and Jennifer. They ALL oohed and ahhed over Noah. For those of you who were behind me, I'm really sorry my incredibly handsome, adorable son held up the line. (Proud mom? ME?)
I get back to the hotel and feed the baby and get him down for the night. Hubby says I can go downstairs. Now, keep in mind two things. First, I've NEVER been drunk in my life. Second, I had two of those teeny bottles of wine with the meal in my room. I go down and wait for the amazons to straggle in from the cabaret. We had a heck of a time, and I ended up drinking four more white zinfindels and some chocolatey brandy drink. Now, I officially know what it's like to be drunk. When I got back up to the room, my hubby wanted to know who did this to me. Of course, I had a bad case of the giggles and couldn't even talk. LORD, my head pounded the next morning. Remind me NEVER to do THAT again!

Okay. Sunday. THE BIG DAY. It's finally hitting me. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! We make our way to the Hoolie, and ROBERT TREBOR is there! Now, I had NO idea this was going to happen. WOW! I'm sure the food was good, but I was too excited to eat much. Areswriter had talked to Lil, who had said I was pretty upset about not getting Smithy's auto on Saturday, so she GAVE me an autographed pic. WOW! When it was my turn to get Robert's siggy and book, he saw I had a picture of Kevin Smith. "Do you want me to sign that, too?" "Well," I replied, "you're good, but you're no Kevin Smith." Completely flabbergasted, he replied that he would make change for my $100 with ALL CRUMPLED BILLS. *snicker* Then, Emily came up and said, "Mommy, what you just said to him? That was rude." Of course Robert said, "I LIKE her!" LOL
During the Hoolie part of the auction, I won a few of the items I'd wanted. It was just great fun.
Finally, it's time to go to the con. I watched the blooper reels and then just walked around for a while (Noah was crying when I sat). I decided to head over to the Doubletree for the KSOFC reception early so I could feed the baby beforehand. So, I missed the effects, Robert Field, Ebonie, Willa and Alison. I got back in time for the end of the costume contest.
Oh. You want to hear about the reception? OKAY! *snicker* Kevin and Sam were just SOOOO GREAT! They took time to speak with each and every one of us. I got my pic taken with him and me holding Noah, and a pic of Sam holding Noah and me in the middle of them. OMGOMGOMGOMG. I just can't even tell you. I'm about to cry just thinking about how wonderful it all was.
After the costume contest (and MAN there were some great ones), Michael Hurst and Kevin Sorbo took the stage. I'm still in a daze, so you'll likely get better details from some of the other reports. It was just awesome. There was a special video tribute to Kevin and Michael during this as well. And there were a LOT of questions asked about the Widow Twanky. They were just spectacular.
Since my flight left Burbank before 9:00, Maigrey was kind enough to let me push her chair and get autographs first. THANK YOU, MAIGREY!!!
My biggest regret is that I didn't get to hug everyone before leaving.