Who is "Zoni"?
Well, I suppose if you're reading this, you must want some sort of answer to the question "who is Zoni?" 
The short answer is that I'm just a person that enjoys playing with the computer and figured "hey, why not have a website...everyone else does!"  The long answer is, well, long. 
I'm a mom of two (one boy, one girl) and sufficently nerdy.  I love television series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the series, Monk, Dead Zone, etc.  I enjoy going to the occassional convention and snapping photos of famous personalities so I can put them up on my website.  I'm a big reader, mainly stuff along the lines of Terry Brooks, Anne Bishop and the like...but I love the printed word and will attempt to try out almost any genre.  My "causes" include postpartum mood disorders, early onset bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia and size acceptance.  I enjoy all sorts of creative expressions, from artistic endeavors with my computer software, to crafting, to sewing, and will attempt at least once just about any form of artsy-craftsy project.  I also would enjoy being a writer, and have actually gotten a large portion of a romance novel on paper...but I'm not overly confident in my writing skills, nor do I have the time at the moment to work on the novel.  I plan to go back to school at some point.  My hope is to become a counselor, focusing on women's issues of self-esteem, postpartum mood disorders and the like.  Ultimately I just enjoy helping others and trying to spread a smile or two along the way.
The name "Zoni" is a shortened form of the only online name I've ever used...AmAzOn.  Essentially, I got a computer in order to talk with other Hercules and Xena fans.  Being computer illiterate and more than a little intimidated, my ever so creative mind came up with the name amazon.  The official forums for those shows were case-sensitive, so I goofed around a bit with the capital and lowercase options and VOILA!  A lot of people I've since met from online call me Zoni, although they generally pronounce it with an "ah" sound, while I pronounce it as though it rhymes with "macaroni." 
So, there's the long and the short of the burning question "who is Zoni?"  Gee, aren't you glad you asked?!