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Sci-Fi Conventions & Starry Encounters

Welcome to my convention pages! I've only been to a few thus far, but they were SUCH fun!
The first con I ever went to was in St. Louis in February of 1998. The photo of me with Ted Raimi was taken at that convention.  I also attended a con near Seattle in 1998 and had the pleasure of dining with Bruce Campbell and his lovely wife afterwards.  The pix marking that auspicious occassion are below as well.  If you're interested in looking at some pix and reading some con reports, please follow the links below. And, if you have some con links you want to share, please
email me and I'll see what I can do for ya!

Here's a partial list of the celebs I've met over the years: Celebrity Checklist page

I'm going to try and add concerts to this list. Stay tuned!

Creation - Pasadena CA February 2000
Creation - Seattle WA February 2001
Creation - Valley Forge PA March 2001
Slanted Fedora - Meadowlands NJ January 2002
14 Below bar/club - Santa Monica CA February 2002
Slanted Fedora - Meadowlands NJ January 2003
Bronze Beta Posting Board Party (PBP) - Hollywood CA, February 2003
Creation - Bellevue WA, March 2003
Flashback Weekend - Chicago IL, May 2003
Dragon*Con - Atlanta GA, August 2003
Billy Idol - Seattle, WA 2003
Slanted Fedora - Meadowlands NJ, January 2004
Creation - Seattle WA, February 2004
Creation - Las Vegas NV, July 2004

Me with Ted Raimi, 1998

Me with Bruce Campbell, 1998
Hey, what's that over there?
What's the big idea with the bunny ears?!

Hmmmm, I wonder what she meant by that........