Aftershocks, Part 2


Talking to Spike had helped Buffy clear some things up in her mind and heart, examine issues she never knew she had.  My dad?  Where did that come from she wondered as she made her way home in the downpour that had started during the kiss she'd shared with Spike. 

Thinking about his cool lips on hers, his hand tracing patterns on her back made her shudder and pull her jacket tighter.  Smiling, she began humming a nameless tune as she hopped over the puddles she encountered. 


Spike lay on his bed staring at the ceiling.  The sun was coming up, but he was too restless to sleep.  Buffy had kissed him.  Again.  Only this time...this time she'd given him something he hadn't dared to wish for.  This time, she'd given him hope for a future with her.  The vampire finally drifted to sleep with a huge grin on his face, knowing what he'd be dreaming about in his slumber.


Willow sat on the edge of the bed.  She hadn't slept very well, her dreams continuing to go back to Tara and Oz and Rack and magick.  She'd been awake since the first drops of rain began to fall on her window, and she'd heard Buffy come back home humming happily.  I wonder why she's so happy?  It's not fair.  I didn't know she wasn't in some Hell dimension.  And, I wasn't trying to hurt Tara when I cast that forgetting spell.  I just didn't want to fight.  I didn't want to go through another break-up, like with Oz.  Oz...there's a full moon tonight.  I wonder where he is.  I wonder if he's okay.  What's Tara doing right now?  Is she able to sleep without me beside her?  I wonder if Rack would help me with a spell to get her back.  No!  I can't even THINK that.  Magicks are what got me into all of this.  Aaagh!  Tears spilled down the red headed witch's cheeks as she choked back a sob.  I've made such a mess of everything. 


Dawn grinned broadly as she heard Buffy's happy tune, then tiptoed back to bed.  I'm just a kid, and even I know she's in love with Spike.  Hope she doesn't wait too long to figure it out. 


Xander stood at the window, letting himself be hypnotized by the rhythmic sounds of the rain.  Anya mumbled in her sleep, and he gazed lovingly at his bride-to-be.  He couldn't believe his luck at having such a beautiful woman love him.  His dark brow furrowed and he turned his head back to the window.  Why do I have this feeling of doom when I should be happy?


"Morning," Buffy chirped as a sleepy-eyed Dawn ambled down the stairs.  "How's waffles sound?"

Dawn paused at the kitchen doorway, rubbing her eyes and yawning.  "Who are you, and what have you done with my sister?"

"Ha.  Ha.  Very funny.  So, do you want waffles or not?"

"Sure.  Um, are you sure you can cook?"

Buffy turned and waved the batter-coated spoon menacingly.  "Watch it, kiddo!"

"Oooh, scary.  What ya gonna do?"  Dawn punctuated her taunt with a stuck-out tongue.

"Mmmmm, what's that smell?" Willow inquired as she slipped past Dawn.

"Buffy's making waffles" the teen replied with a giggle.  "And it's not the kind from the freezer!"

Willow caught Dawn's tone and made her eyes grow wide.  "Are you sure it's not Buffy-Bot" she asked in a loud whisper.

"Great.  I'm living with a couple of comedians."  Buffy sighed dramatically.  "Whatever shall I do?"

The trio jumped at the loud knock on the door, then watched as it opened quickly.  "Hey, how are my three favorite non-betrothed girls?" 

"Morning, Xander.  Where's Anya?"  Buffy paused from her task.  "I'm making food.  I'm not gonna even bother to ask if you want some.  Just grab a plate."

Willow gave him a wink.  "Great timing."

"I try," he replied, grinning.  "Anya's doing the whole wedding shopping thing."

"Ah," Dawn teased.  "Shopping, Anya,'s all coming together now."

"Yeah, that's the girl!  So, what's new in Sunnyhell today?"

"I think the next apocolypse is very near," Willow said, her voice serious.  "Buffy's cooking." 

Dawn stifled a giggle as Buffy turned abruptly, batter flying from the end of the spoon and landing on Willow's nose.  "Hmp!  Serves you right," the Slayer said indignantly before returning to her task.  "Almost done!"

"So, no new baddies in town, no research to do?" 

"I have a really mean history teacher," Dawn offered.  "Can we slay him?" 

"No," Buffy retorted.  "Xand, don't you have other stuff to keep you busy right now anyway?  Wedding, long life with the one you love, foreman on your construction gig?"

"Well, Anya's pretty much handling all the wedding and future life together thing.  She says I'm just in the way," he shrugged.  "And construction's only 7:30 in the morning.  The guys I work with don't even roll out of bed until around 9."

"Well, I wish I could do that, but the school kinda frowns on arriving around lunchtime every day,"  she hopped off the barstool, grabbing a still warm waffle from the stack Buffy was assembling.  "I'll eat it plain, gotta go."

"Okay, but you be sure to eat your lunch today.  It's, like, one of the really important meals!"

Dawn gave her sister a quick one-armed hug, then slung her backpack over her good arm.  "Bye, guys!"

After she left, Willow, Xander and Buffy lapsed into a tense silence.  Things hadn't been the same between them since Buffy had come back.  Xander's engagement announcement and Willow's magic troubles seemed to only widen the gap.  "So," Buffy sighed in an effort to break the air of discomfort in the room.  "What are you guys up to today?"

"Well," Xander offered.  "I have to get to the site, soon.  Lots of paperwork to do.  I think Anya's coming down for lunch to show me some invitation samples or something."

"Oh, well, I was just gonna do the whole school thing today.  My grades have been kinda slipping lately."

Buffy snorted, amused.  "Yeah, you went all the way from an A+ to an A!"

The threesome lapsed into a comfortable discussion about nothing in particular, finally disbanding when Willow and Xander noticed the time.  Soon, Buffy was alone in the kitchen, cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

She was startled by the loud pounding on the door, then gasped when she saw a smoldering blanket.  "Spike," she exclaimed as she opened the door.  "Get your ass in here!"

"Sorry, pet.  Didn't mean to smoke up your house like this."  Buffy stood in the doorway, hands crossed over her chest protectively.  Seeing him so soon after last night's talk...and kiss...wasn't on her list of expected things to do.

"Why are you here?" she asked abruptly.

"Glad to see you, too, love," Spike chuckled as he patted down the last smoking area on his blanket.  "Just came by to talk."

"That again?  I thought we were all done with talk..."

Spike cut her off with a kiss.  She was amazed at how such a tender meeting of lips, barely touching, could be so powerful.  She imagined that her hair was curling as she stood there, her breath taken away by this handsome blond...vampire.

She shoved him away forcefully.  "It's daylight.  Why are you here?" 

"Angry, Slayer?"  Spike's voice was teasing, but his eyes betrayed his true feelings...he was afraid he'd upset her.

"Yes.  No.  I don't know.  I just wasn't expecting you, that's all."

"Well, then, there you have it.  A bloke can't be all mysterious if he's predictible, can he?"

"You still haven't answered my question, Spike."

"What question was that, pet?"

"Why? Are? You? Here?"  God, he was infuriating sometimes!

Spike looked at her under heavily lidded eyes, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly as he noticed her staring at his tongue as it slid over his bottom lip.  "Missed you."  He became aroused as he noticed the pulse in her throat quickening, suddenly very hungry.  He pulled her close again, dipping his head to kiss the pulse point in her neck.  She stiffened immediately, and he growled in frustration as he pulled himself away.  "I won't bite, Slayer.  Not unless you want me to," he amended, eyebrows arching as he leered.

"I know.  I'm sorry.  It's just that...being turned is my greatest fear."

"Understandable, luv.  But I promise, no biting unless you ask, and no turning even if you do ask." 

She came toward him, then, resting her head on his chest.  "Deal," she said, so softly he almost didn't hear.  "So, what do you propose we do until the sun goes down?"

Spike put his lips to her hair, relishing her scent as he smiled.  "I have an idea or two."

"Well, just keep in mind that I can't afford to build a new house right now, so no bringing down the ceiling this time."  She was rewarded with a low chuckle, the rumbling of his chest making her shudder in anticipation.

"I'll be gentle, Buffy."  He swept her off her feet, carrying her to her bedroom.  With regret, he put her down at the doorway.  "Care to close the curtains, love?  I think I'd lose a bit of my magnetism if I turned into Dust Buster fodder."

She did as he asked, quickly returning to his arms.  She didn't know how long they'd been standing in the same spot, kissing and holding one another, before she realized he'd said her name.  She broke the kiss and looked into his blue eyes, searching.  "Say my name."

"Buffy."  She rewarded him with a passionate kiss.  Soon she felt bereft as his lips left hers.  "Buffy, Buffy, Buffy" he moaned, making her tingle to her toes.  His cool lips laid a path of kisses from her temple down her jaw, down to the hollow of her neck.  Her head fell back as his tongue traced the length of her collarbone.  "You are so bloody beautiful.  I want you, Slayer."

As he continued his trail of kisses along her shoulders, she moved her hands to his chest, in awe at the firmness of his torso.  Slowly she began unbuttoning the red shirt he wore, then slid her hands up his chest to his shoulders.  With liquid movements she removed the shirt, then went to the waistband of his jeans.  Her hands pulled the t-shirt up over his taut stomach, fingertips drinking in the feel of his skin.  She smiled when he shuddered, knowing it was her touch that caused his reaction.  Pulling the t-shirt higher, she marveled at the perfect small nipples on his chest.  Buffy ran her fingernail over one of them, making it instantly harden.  Without thought, she bent her head to kiss the darkened nub, then began suckling it gently at his hiss of pleasure.  His fingers entwined in her hair, and his knees nearly gave way when she bit him, hard.

"Luv, I don't think I can stand much longer.  Mind if we sit?" His voice was a low growl, barely containing the passion it held.  She nodded, then backed up slowly until she felt the back of her knees hit the bed.  The entire time, she held his pert nipple in her teeth.  "Cor, pet, you'll kill me yet," he hissed, his eyes starting to roll back in his head.

She released the bite and licked down his torso as she sat on the bed.  With pleasure she noticed the bulge straining against his jeans.  In a movement that was painfully slow, she began to release his member from the rough material.  Although she knew he didn't need to, it pleased her to hear him panting for air.  When she released him from his restraints, she almost gasped out loud.  That first time had been and furious...and she'd never had a chance to just admire his physique.  He was amazing. 

"Buffy?" she looked up at him, not immediately registering the look of concern and confusion on his face.  "Am I..."  He couldn't finish the question, afraid of what her answer might be.

"You're beautiful.  I didn't take the time to notice...the other night...but..." she trailed off, voice heavy with desire and need. 

"Good thing I can't blush," he whispered, trembling.  "Cor, I feel like a bloody schoolboy!"

Buffy giggled.  "Yeah?  Is that a good thing?"

"Well, they aren't exactly known for their stamina, pet.  And I'm afraid at this point I won't last very long."

She smiled.  "We have all day...I'll let you rest up in between if necessary."

In a blur, Spike stripped off his remaining clothing and began torturing her with his hands and mouth.  Soon, her clothes were strewn across the bedroom and they were skin to skin. 

Spike felt as if he were on fire, and had a very real fear of combusting right then and there.  That first night was amazing, mind blowing, incredible.  But this was different.  This wasn't angry, aggressive fucking.  This was sweet and tender and passionate and so many things he couldn't name. 

"Spike, stop."  Buffy was talking, but his mind was racing.  It took her several tries to get through to him.  "Spike.  Stop."

The world slammed to a halt.  No, please don't ask me to stop.  I love you.  I can't stop.  I don't want to stop.  I love you.  I'll stop if you want me to stop.  He flopped onto his back, arm covering tightly shut eyes that threatened to flow at the agony, at the idea that she changed her mind...that she didn't want him.  His arm flew to his sides, gripping the comforter, eyes growing wide.  He looked down to see the Slayer, his Slayer, loving him with her mouth.  Pink lips covered the tip of his shaft, moist heat overwhelming his senses.  Her hazel eyes lifted to meet his blue as her lips slid down until her nose was practically buried in his hair.  His eyes rolled back in his head, and he could swear that he was on fire.  One delicate hand tickled his sac while the other circled his shaft, working up and down in rhythm with her mouth.  Her tongue flicked across the small slit at the tip, a smile turning up the corners of her mouth when she tasted the glistening droplet there.

"Slayer, you're killing me."  His throat felt like sandpaper.

Her giggle sent shockwaves up his shaft, and he shuddered without warning.  He filled her mouth with his cold seed and almost fainted when he noticed that she swallowed every drop.



To Be Continued

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